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Menu & Online Ordering

You can click below to view our menu and access the online ordering system for take-out.

Please note, we do not allow Saturday steaks for take-out ordering. 


Mike K. Pipestone, MN

“Goldthwaite should pack this place everytime the doors are open.  What a hidden gem, awesome atmosphere, excellent food and service. Burgers are Great,  Porkchop will feed two people and the Ribeye was fantastic. I've been in town 5 days and eaten here 3 times. I will be back."

Mike S. Wyoming MN

“We had a large group of 10.  The service was wonderful considering the size of our group.  The food was abundant and very tasty.  We love coming here and will be repeat customers."

Scott S. Midland, TX

“OMG. This place is good. I got the bacon cheeseburger and my wife got the Smokey and the Bandit.  Both outstanding.  A fun place to hang out.  Lots of people here on a Friday evening.  Live music is really good.  We will be back often"

Marsha W. Bastrop, TX

"Stopped by this neat restaurant. Had the Smoked Chicken Salad and the club sandwich along with a couple of beers. Nice wait staff. Loved hearing that the restaurant is the same building as great grandfathers grocery. Highly recommend this place."

Raquel L. Jacksonville Beach, FL.

“Just an absolutely charming watering hole. Great BBQ and burger. Kind, sweet, and helpful staff. Real American culture.”

Randy M. Goldthwaite, TX

"Love this place!! Highly recommend! Gourmet food with a hometown feel. Goldthwaite has needed something like this for years now. Finally!!"
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